H&M floral singlet, China treasure mulberry bag, vintage belt and blakc high waited short

Been raving about this bag for a while... and I finally get a hold of it, just YAY^^! its the knock off version of the ALEXA MULBERRY bag which everyone talked about. I got it on my trip with my husband to CHINA a couple months ago, yea.. i kinda had to drag him to go to this kinda crazy bargain market place but he was sweet enough to wait for me do my accessories and shoes hunt! I've always loved buying those in Shanghai... not clothes... but accs, bag and shoes! pssst~~they are the cheapest but don't rely on the quality though, sometimes its broke in few days!!!! especially shoes! shruttt! but I still couldn't let go of the fact that it is being dirt cheap and they follow trends so f*%&%$ fast and therefore keep buying them, no matter what! haha a total sucker.


welcome to PROVENCE!

its my second visit to this cute little theme village called PROVENCE VILLAGE in Paju city not far from the ENGLISH VILLAGE (i haven't been there yet but will keep you posted ;) ). Let me tell you this place has never fail to make me goes GAGA... the eye candy colorful buildings; just like disneyland city without the rides! it also filled with country colorful restaurants and cute shops; one in particular that selling home miscellaneous; it is one spacious area (>.< I dont remember the name nor did I took pic of the entrance, silly me!) that have a lot of little little shops. So beautiful, I was greeted with arranged flowers set on the table on my left and right...ahhhhh~~~ gorgeous, simply gorgeous! The interior of the whole place is just something that couldnt be missed, so pretty! I treat myself a lot of candles, bodylotion, cups and cushions from this place, lovely! If you are visiting Korea for the thousand times and you bored with the monotone "must go to places" schedule or you have a little more time to kill, I guess you can put this place in your itinerary, recommended!


outfit #4

(wearing star top worn underneath and belt by f21, mink zipper shorts, BARDOT blazer, Charles and keith shoes)

Finally!!! on my way to watch ECLIPSE! can't wait to see the shirtless Jacob! haha


can more

Dessert @ CAN MORE.. always crowded during summer, they serve fruits with cereal and cream, ice crushes mix fruits and other delicious summer food. it all comes with the compliment toast. The food is yummy and the place is comforting. I sat on one of the grandma's rocking chair, arghh~~~ I don't wanna leave the place. The design is cute and girly too, no?


outfit #3

(green ZARA shirt, cream F21 lace dress, SPORTSGIRL bangle, Yellow Charles and Keith shoes)

great weather out there!! went to  E-MART to get some jewelry organizer, but they have nothing! I mean they have this kinda old fashion cases, but I don't really like it, it taken up so much space in my tiny drawer.They also have this hanging tree for earings (only stored 12pcs max or less, shoot! coz most of my earings are longggg). So I only got one and it is clearly not enough but of course i couldnt buy more of the trees. my accesorries going radpidly , i need to find creative ways to store it. Im thinking of ice cube trays, hmmm..
we'll see.


outfit #2

(sequins shoulder top by Charlie Joe, Leather Cotton On skirt, Zara studded belt, zipper shoes by Charles Keith, and jaguar ring by f21)

 its super duper HOT here.. cant believe I put that legging on!!! ohh about the ring.. I got a lot of questions everytime i wore that double jaguar ring.. hehehe she sure love the attention!



  4. Wax- 벌써 일년
  5. Baek Ji Young - 시간이 지나면 (When Time Passes)
  9. CNblue - LOVE
  12. SEO IN YOUNG - Love Is Bitter, Pain Is Calling

will it snow for christmas?

well.... guess where i had my cold fruity dessert today....?

uh huh.... its the FLOWER CAFE BLUME* its situated beneath my apartment, how convinient! the place is rather small, cozy, warm and full of plants ( judging by the name, I guess they are selling them too) well what so special is that this cafe used to be a set for a drama series called "WILL IT SNOW BEFORE CHRISTMAS?" which was hugeeee last year. 
I dont know if you seen the drama, but apparently to me  its one of those drama that I dont quit watching in the middle of the series, yup! its that engaging!

I didnt realise it actually until I see this poster sticking out from the window. and I was like "WHOA!" here!?!? the cafe?!?! WHoa! its a lot smaller than what it looks like in the series but... to be able to visit the set of a drama i like, its kind of an interesting moment, you know.. trying to imagine all the actions from the drama, like "ouw.. that's where the girl sat, that exact table!!" or "that's where she worked and study!" heheheh

sadly though, I wasn't there when they filmed it, it would've been great to watch the whole movie magic. aw well... I will keep my eyes wide open, incase if they do any filming in Bucheon again. I make sure to be there!!



quick post on what I wore tothat mountain break, seems like I wore the wrong outfit for the occasion. I didnt know that it was gonna be more of hiking and walking than sit prettyly on the side of the lake (picnic), fortunately, it was comfy enough to do hiking and for some reasons people did stared at me. hehe

market place fedora, random shop blue shirt, luggage MIGLIORE, ZARA floral jumpsuit, Sportsgirl belt, VNC shoes, random shop bag

happy summer,

weekend away part 3 - CINDERELLA'S SISTER SET

OH HOOO~~~~ so exciteddd!! by accident we found CINDERELLA'S SISTER set place in this very area!. We came here without knowing that we gonna visit the house of this popular drama. WOW! if you havent got a clue of the series i'm babling about, please update yourself, coz its adrama you shouldnt missed! 

so.. this is the factory and the house overall look from outside~~~ hoho we are about to enter! I think they made this house for the series purposes, I dont think it was there all along.
enter the main door and this is what you will see, the worker will produce the rice wine on that big field space, in front of the house, I think its in Ep.1 
which in the ep1. (the pic below is taken from the series scene) will look like this

and this would be the place where KIHON sit most of the nights and sing spanish song! which also double up as the Dae Sang's (owner of the wine) office, the office is behind that door.

TA-DAAA!!! the office looks the same as it is in on the scene!!! waaaa~~~ so exciting!

and if you would look closer on the portrait hang on the wall in this room, thats the portrait of Eun joo and Hyo Sun's (in this case the cinderella and cinderella's sister) father. Glad they didnt remove the pic.

and the scene from the eps. will look like this. see~~ exactly the same

yup.. and thats a wrap!


weekend away part 2

well...  as the journey continues we stopped by at this restaurant that facing the beauty of the lake... its just the best meal ever!
this is where we sit

and this is what we see, niceee isn't it?

and off course to accompany the meal, we had to drink the area most famous rice wine called MAGOLLI, yummmm!!!! not that strong compare to soju and its rather sweet.

to be continued....


weekend away pt.1

Myeongseongsan (Mt. Myeongseong) & Sanjeong Lake

Its weekend, and my husband, me and his co-worker and the gf went to this beautiful, beauiful lake at the Mt. Myeongseong. Its located in PUCHEON and maybe take about 2hours drive from Bucheon. Its in the country side, so please imagine the fresh air im breathing in~~ arghhhh feel the freshness~~

Yup.. thats what you will be seeing from the parking park nearby, they have waterfall and mountains surrounding the awesome green Sanjeong lake.

 market hat, H&M stripe blue shirt, white cut out pants by ONLY, shoes by VNC, bag is market found
hike half up and you will get to this perfect spot to see the mountain and the lake. oh mother nature, why art thou so charming~   

walk pass through the mountain and you will reach their little uptown, complete with their little entrtaining centre, park, restaurants, you will see plenty of arts on display and you will get closer to the lake, ohh the breathtakinggg view!  

the have a water works show too! a beautiful way to please my eyes!

then we ride on this swan boat , bah! simply the best way to enjoy the lake!

to be continued.....