One corner in Gangnam... lots of BARS, RESTAURANTS AND CLUBS.



Paju premium outlet is the 2nd Luxury outlet in Korea. The new outlet located close to our house in Bucheon, so we went there with couple of friends just to check out the new site, and of course to find bargain designer stuff, haha. Well first, the place is hugeeeee~~~ I'm soooo excited! they carry a lot of good fun brands like banana republic, Armani, vivienne westwood, ZADIG & VOLTIERE, GAP, Maxmara, Beanpole, Nike to name a few. They also have jewelry to home goods and few cosmetic brands (Mac, Bobbi brown etc). I UNFORTUNATELY think the clothes prices were still a bit high for my budget, instead I went crazy on the imported makeup and skincare hahaha! the price is cheaper than in the Dept STore, so its only natural that i end up with a few lipsticks and blushes, hahaha :) At least I didn't go home empty handed :P. Overall nice place to hang out.  

We went to a nearby restaurant (didn't catch the name of the restaurant, sorry). It was so packed and we had to wait , but I guess its worth it! The food is delicious (didn't have food pic too :( ) and the setting of the restaurant, i mean.. to have the tables under the tree is just wonderful. You may think its nothing special, but for me blending with nature and ate great food equals to perfect day.^^ 


I am back!

landed my feet in Korea for about a week now.. I didn't have so much free time to post anything while away but I am back and let's do some postings~

   How cute are they!?!?!? My newest purchase from ETUDE HOUSE! they are "missing u" hand cream. Its so cold here and my hands, fingers are pruning like a 70 yrs old grandma, these hand creams are here to save the day, haha :D. 
The have 4 versions of hand creams, and I treat my self 3 of them (I only showed 2 in the pics, coz I gave 1 away to my dear friend). I absolutely love the packaging! Love it for being non greasy, smell so good and make your hands just look younger, haha! and do u know what else is good about this? That it is a also an act of a campaign to save the endangered animal, well I got the pink one which is Pink Dolphin smells like rose. The other one is Fairy Penguin and it smell like hmm... I am not sure.. something calming, hehe. The one that I gave away was Panda, has smell like peach. The last one which I did not purchase was a Seal and it smells like citrus (too toilet-y for my nose, haha) 
So do your hands a favor and save our endangered animals! well if you are in Korea or anywhere else that sells these :) ouu! and the price of each hand cream is 4500 WON or 4.5$, sorry forget to mention!


 H&M floral singlet, China treasure mulberry bag, vintage belt and blakc high waited short

Been raving about this bag for a while... and I finally get a hold of it, just YAY^^! its the knock off version of the ALEXA MULBERRY bag which everyone talked about. I got it on my trip with my husband to CHINA a couple months ago, yea.. i kinda had to drag him to go to this kinda crazy bargain market place but he was sweet enough to wait for me do my accessories and shoes hunt! I've always loved buying those in Shanghai... not clothes... but accs, bag and shoes! pssst~~they are the cheapest but don't rely on the quality though, sometimes its broke in few days!!!! especially shoes! shruttt! but I still couldn't let go of the fact that it is being dirt cheap and they follow trends so f*%&%$ fast and therefore keep buying them, no matter what! haha a total sucker.