I am back!

landed my feet in Korea for about a week now.. I didn't have so much free time to post anything while away but I am back and let's do some postings~

   How cute are they!?!?!? My newest purchase from ETUDE HOUSE! they are "missing u" hand cream. Its so cold here and my hands, fingers are pruning like a 70 yrs old grandma, these hand creams are here to save the day, haha :D. 
The have 4 versions of hand creams, and I treat my self 3 of them (I only showed 2 in the pics, coz I gave 1 away to my dear friend). I absolutely love the packaging! Love it for being non greasy, smell so good and make your hands just look younger, haha! and do u know what else is good about this? That it is a also an act of a campaign to save the endangered animal, well I got the pink one which is Pink Dolphin smells like rose. The other one is Fairy Penguin and it smell like hmm... I am not sure.. something calming, hehe. The one that I gave away was Panda, has smell like peach. The last one which I did not purchase was a Seal and it smells like citrus (too toilet-y for my nose, haha) 
So do your hands a favor and save our endangered animals! well if you are in Korea or anywhere else that sells these :) ouu! and the price of each hand cream is 4500 WON or 4.5$, sorry forget to mention!

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