H&M floral singlet, China treasure mulberry bag, vintage belt and blakc high waited short

Been raving about this bag for a while... and I finally get a hold of it, just YAY^^! its the knock off version of the ALEXA MULBERRY bag which everyone talked about. I got it on my trip with my husband to CHINA a couple months ago, yea.. i kinda had to drag him to go to this kinda crazy bargain market place but he was sweet enough to wait for me do my accessories and shoes hunt! I've always loved buying those in Shanghai... not clothes... but accs, bag and shoes! pssst~~they are the cheapest but don't rely on the quality though, sometimes its broke in few days!!!! especially shoes! shruttt! but I still couldn't let go of the fact that it is being dirt cheap and they follow trends so f*%&%$ fast and therefore keep buying them, no matter what! haha a total sucker.


welcome to PROVENCE!

its my second visit to this cute little theme village called PROVENCE VILLAGE in Paju city not far from the ENGLISH VILLAGE (i haven't been there yet but will keep you posted ;) ). Let me tell you this place has never fail to make me goes GAGA... the eye candy colorful buildings; just like disneyland city without the rides! it also filled with country colorful restaurants and cute shops; one in particular that selling home miscellaneous; it is one spacious area (>.< I dont remember the name nor did I took pic of the entrance, silly me!) that have a lot of little little shops. So beautiful, I was greeted with arranged flowers set on the table on my left and right...ahhhhh~~~ gorgeous, simply gorgeous! The interior of the whole place is just something that couldnt be missed, so pretty! I treat myself a lot of candles, bodylotion, cups and cushions from this place, lovely! If you are visiting Korea for the thousand times and you bored with the monotone "must go to places" schedule or you have a little more time to kill, I guess you can put this place in your itinerary, recommended!