weekend away part 3 - CINDERELLA'S SISTER SET

OH HOOO~~~~ so exciteddd!! by accident we found CINDERELLA'S SISTER set place in this very area!. We came here without knowing that we gonna visit the house of this popular drama. WOW! if you havent got a clue of the series i'm babling about, please update yourself, coz its adrama you shouldnt missed! 

so.. this is the factory and the house overall look from outside~~~ hoho we are about to enter! I think they made this house for the series purposes, I dont think it was there all along.
enter the main door and this is what you will see, the worker will produce the rice wine on that big field space, in front of the house, I think its in Ep.1 
which in the ep1. (the pic below is taken from the series scene) will look like this

and this would be the place where KIHON sit most of the nights and sing spanish song! which also double up as the Dae Sang's (owner of the wine) office, the office is behind that door.

TA-DAAA!!! the office looks the same as it is in on the scene!!! waaaa~~~ so exciting!

and if you would look closer on the portrait hang on the wall in this room, thats the portrait of Eun joo and Hyo Sun's (in this case the cinderella and cinderella's sister) father. Glad they didnt remove the pic.

and the scene from the eps. will look like this. see~~ exactly the same

yup.. and thats a wrap!

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