will it snow for christmas?

well.... guess where i had my cold fruity dessert today....?

uh huh.... its the FLOWER CAFE BLUME* its situated beneath my apartment, how convinient! the place is rather small, cozy, warm and full of plants ( judging by the name, I guess they are selling them too) well what so special is that this cafe used to be a set for a drama series called "WILL IT SNOW BEFORE CHRISTMAS?" which was hugeeee last year. 
I dont know if you seen the drama, but apparently to me  its one of those drama that I dont quit watching in the middle of the series, yup! its that engaging!

I didnt realise it actually until I see this poster sticking out from the window. and I was like "WHOA!" here!?!? the cafe?!?! WHoa! its a lot smaller than what it looks like in the series but... to be able to visit the set of a drama i like, its kind of an interesting moment, you know.. trying to imagine all the actions from the drama, like "ouw.. that's where the girl sat, that exact table!!" or "that's where she worked and study!" heheheh

sadly though, I wasn't there when they filmed it, it would've been great to watch the whole movie magic. aw well... I will keep my eyes wide open, incase if they do any filming in Bucheon again. I make sure to be there!!

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