anyong haseyo!

anyong haseyo means HALO in Korean, yup! I am currently positioning my self in Korea.

A new chapter in my book of Life has just begun! I just got married with a Korean man which i've been dating for lovely 4 years a couple weeks ago and I will be staying here for a while so in the meantime I will be posting all my notes in here and my older blogs wont activate, you know.. its a brand new life and to compliment it I need a brand new blog. Just wanted to start FRESH! 
Well this blog will have contents like the life here, the shoping spots, the music, the food, the FASHION and everything else in between!

I named my blog GOOD MORNING,kimchi! because living here means you will see KIMCHI everyday! you wake up and all you can see is kimchi, kimchi, kimchi! from morning to night!
(btw, for those who dont know what kimchi is. well, kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented dish made of vegetables with varied seasoning and the local here serve it with almost EVERY MEAL)

Kimchi is like haunted you everywhere you go! but don't worry you will get use to it. In fact it has become my best friend!

i hope you enjoy it!  
hugs and kisses,

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